Now that there’s only a month left until final exams, everyone seems to be getting more panicked and more stressed out about their final projects. To help ease some of this tension, I decided to cut out some popcorn stickers that I designed several months ago, but never did anything with. (After all, stickers always make people feel better). As I was preparing the document, I had a spark of inspiration: What if I designed a passport card that listed Netflix suggestions from LMC consultants. Not only are we here to make people’s media projects successful; we’re here to help them de-stress while they prepare for finals.

The photo above illustrates my first draft for this passport card, which was going to be the Netflix red with white text. However, after the first test print, I noticed that the red came out blotchy and streaky. Instead of tinkering the printer, I decided to switch the colors and ended up with this:

The back of the card lists eight consultants who volunteered to participate in the project and their favorite or most recently watched show. As I was getting ready to set them out, I decided that I wanted to place them on the tables in the front of the LMC in order to attract the most attention. So, I decided to make a small table tent encouraging them to take a card, some stickers, and relax.

After it was cut out on the digital cutter, I ended up with an awesome set-up for this one-day project.