Through my current position at the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities (RCAH), I guide instructors and their students through the resources, technologies, and software available in the RCAH Language and Media Center and RCAH Art Studio.
The essay linked below comes from my undergraduate program’s senior seminar, where we reflected critically on the program and the work we did. Part of this class was to analyze ‘space’ specifically. The entire class produced several narratives, which were collected into a volume from which we were to base our reflections and recommendations about RCAH and space. Though the audience for this assignment is RCAH and the class who collectively read these narratives, I think I’ve written enough context that it will be understood by and interesting to others who read the piece as well.
Additionally, I'm skilled in several other modes of expression including video, animation, photography, printmaking, design, and more. Evidence of this can be found on the other pages of this portfolio site. Some of my most recent work isn't here yet, as I'm waiting for it to be picked up by journals or art galleries or film festivals before I share it here.

However, I do want to share one more experience from a workshop I led for one of RCAH's media classes. Animation isn't typically a focus of the course, however the instructor asked me to lead a one-session intro to animation workshop to help students see how they could incorporate it into their video project. I developed a short, hopefully fun and comedic lesson on very basic After Effects animation skills.
This is the example I made in After Effects. The hope was to teach basic tools and techniques:
This compilation are the results of the lesson. Most of these were made by first-time after effect users. They received only the still assets - all of the movement was added entirely by students.
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