Himself is a cinepoem created by Marcus Fields featuring the poem 'Himself' by Thomas Lynch. The video uses three different styles of animation and motion graphics to portray sections of the poem. The artwork and voice-over were produced in collaboration with various artists from Michigan State University's Residential College in the Arts and Humanities. Artists worked across different mediums – sometimes in new mediums altogether. Steve Baibak narrates Lynch’s poem. Cindy Hunter-Morgan provides her photography of the Irish countryside (and the actual house of the man who inspired the poem). Riley Bartelotti uses two watercolor paintings to give us a glimpse of the aging farmhouse and life within it. Marcus Fields uses digital illustration and animation to achieve a cut-paper aesthetic featuring Irish farmland for the final lines of the poem. This cinepoem was made for a collaboration between the RCAH Center for Poetry at MSU and the MSU Film Studies Program.
Featuring the poem 'Himself' by Thomas Lynch.
Directed, animated, and edited by Marcus Fields.
With help from Cindy Hunter Morgan, Riley Bartelotti, and Steve Baibak.
Made for the Michigan State University Filmetry Festival, January 23, 2019.
Poem used with permission of Thomas Lynch.

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