About Me

MarcusI’m Marcus Fields. Following my passions of theater and writing, I study liberal arts and humanities at Michigan State University’s Residential College in the Arts and Humanities. In RCAH, we explore social justice and civic engagement while learning about art, culture, world history, and ethics. It’s an experience-focused learning program that’s preparing me to think critically, problem solve, and work collaboratively to tackle the world’s injustice.

In addition, I study arts and cultural management at MSU, giving me experience in multimodal writing and design, marketing and communications, arts and cultural administration, and event design and production. To see some of the work that I’ve done, view my projects page or resume.

I also spend time producing theatrical performances with the Roial Players, a student-run theater group at MSU. I’ve had the privilege to act and direct in a number of shows as well as serve as treasurer on the group’s governing board. To see my recent work, visit my theater page.

Feel free to use the information in the sidebar to contact me with opportunities or to connect with me on social media.

LMC Idea Passport Launched!

In an effort to get more involvement from first-year students and to encourage a “gift economy” among RCAH students, I pitched my idea for an LMC Idea Passport to the director of the LMC, and we moved forward with it! I wrote a post entitled ‘LMC Idea Passport‘ for my maker projects page that outlines the entire process from idea to implementation.



RCAH Student Profile

Now that I’m finishing up my last couple of classes for my Arts and Humanities major, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on what I’ve gotten out of the experience. An opportunity to do some public reflection came along when I was asked to answer some questions about my experience for a student profile on RCAH’s website. I talk about what drew me to RCAH in the first place, which classes I’ve taken, what I do outside of class, and my study away experiences. Check out my student profile to learn why I value my RCAH education.