About the Book
The postcards collected in this book are reactions and reflections on the violent actions that took place at Michigan State University on the night of February 13th, 2023. I’m angry that our society and our broken political system have allowed these tragic acts of gun violence to continue unchecked for decades. I’m angry that our classrooms, labs, and study spaces no longer feel safe. We should be free to learn new things and dream new futures. I printed the first set of cards two days after the event on the back of a disrupted riso print project. I’ve continued making more in the month that followed. Some of cards have words I’ve borrowed from other people. Some of them share the range of emotions I’ve felt since returning to campus. All of the postcards serve as a call to action. ­
The cover is printed on 80#C Safety Orange Construction and the postcards are printed on 80#C Grout Grey Construction from French Paper Company. Various weights of Oswald are used for the text. The quote pages are printed on 20# Ivory Multipurpose from Xerox and use Garamond Premiere Pro for the text.
The entire book was "risograph" printed on a Ricoh DD5450 digital duplicator printer. 
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